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HIDE OR DIE Gameplay - Battle Royale Multiplayer Horror Game

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HIDE OR DIE Gameplay (Multiplayer Horror Game)

About Hide or Die:
Hide or Die is a large scale multiplayer horror game set in a world corrupt with darkness. Dozens of players take the role as survivors, hiding out in remote bunkers, clinging to their last bits of resources. They must gear up, locate abandoned extractors, re-activate them and escape before the darkness fully consumes them. As the game progresses the darkness will corrupt even the strongest survivors, turning them into powerful and terrifying killers whose goal is only to kill those who remain. When the Darkness overtakes the world, the players with the most darkness are deemed The Chosen and are given the role to guard one of three bunkers which become the only possible escapes for the remaining players. This intense last-minute rush to escape is where The Chosen partake in a killing-spree in this brutal end-game with a fortune in rewards for doing so.

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